Character Profiles

These have been taken from the script




  • Fairy Godmother

  • Dandini

  • Prince Charming

  • Buttons

  • Baron Hardup

  • Dumpling (A horse)

  • Lady Devilia Hardup

  • Cinderella

  • Snitch (Broker’s Man)

  • Snatch (Broker’s Man)

  • Cheryl (Ugly sister)

  • Beryl (Ugly sister)

  • Major Domo

  • Chorus of Villagers, Animals, Palace Guests, Spiders Etc.

Dandini and the Prince can be played by female or male actors.

Charming and very funny. Great comic parts create an ultra rich mix of ludicrous fun - whilst Buttons' love for Cinderella remains touching and sincere. As always, the Chorus are kept extremely busy.